January 27, 2022

MacArthur School’s New Dean to Shape Transformation

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Associate Provost Dr. Nathan Lane has added dean of the Catherine T. MacArthur School to his title and will oversee the school’s evolution.

Provost Dr. Randy Richards tapped Lane to serve as the school’s next dean after reviewing a slate of excellent candidates and interviewing those most qualified for the role.

“Dr. Lane is a true asset to PBA,” Richards said. “Nathan has keen administrative instincts and wonderful interpersonal skills. He is loved by his students, respected by his colleagues and valued by upper administration. He is the essential leader we need to shepherd the MacArthur School into this key, expanded footprint.”

Added President Dr. Debra A. Schwinn, “Nathan has a unique ability to make creative connections across the university and support faculty development, all while staying grounded in PBA’s mission to integrate faith and academics in ways that promote excellence and innovation.”

Lane’s appointment reflects Palm Beach Atlantic’s growing commitment to offer more high-quality online courses and non-degree programs for nontraditional learners. eLearning is now under the Catherine T. MacArthur School’s umbrella. Upcoming changes, such as adding a success coach for each online student, will result in a better student experience and a wider net of academic support services, Lane said.

The University will continue to develop a strong sense of community in online courses that maximize faith integration, Lane said.

“This is an opportunity for us to think creatively,” he said. “With our innovative team of faculty and instructional designers, I’m confident that PBA will keep leading the way in providing decidedly Christian online education that provides spiritual and practical formation to the next generation of world changers.” Dr. Karelynne Ayayo has been promoted to associate dean of the Catherine T. MacArthur School. Bryan Biggers, assistant eLearning director, has been promoted to director of online operations for the school.

The MacArthur School will continue to offer its current leadership degrees but will expand to other degree offerings. It will administrate most of PBA’s online degree programs, including the online sections of the Faith, Roots and Reason general education courses.

Lane remains the associate provost, a position he has held since 2017. He oversees faculty development; Faith, Roots, and Reason; the director of eLearning, the director of the Warren Library and the Rinker Center for Experiential Learning. He created and supervised the Faculty Fellows, who are faculty members asked to aid in the development of their area of expertise: advising, student engagement, service learning and research in the sciences. He provides guidance and oversight for the annual Interdisciplinary Research Conference, which celebrates the scholarship of undergraduate and graduate students and faculty in all disciplines by providing them the opportunity to present their work to the campus community.

As associate provost, Lane directs the First Year Experience (FYE) seminar, for which he redesigned the curriculum. He also directed the NetVUE grant, which focused on transformational advising and paved the way for centralized advising for all traditional undergraduates.

He established the Christian University Lecture Series, well-attended monthly talks given by PBA faculty on the intersection of faith and their academic disciplines, and created a Retiring Faculty Plan that honors retiring faculty members.

Lane joined the University in 2007. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Lee University, Master of Arts in Theological Studies and Master of Theology from Columbia Theological Seminary and a doctorate in biblical studies from Baylor University. His research interests lie in Old Testament theology, hermeneutics and the prophets.

Last year, the Council of Independent Colleges selected Lane for its Senior Leadership Academy.

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