January 9, 2020

International Higher Education Summit Opens Partnership Possibilities

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Dr. Robert Lloyd, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, represented the University at the first Florida-Dominican Republic Higher Education Summit in Santo Domingo.

The U.S. Embassy hosted the summit in November to encourage academic exchange, research and other strategic relationships between higher education institutions in Florida and the Dominican Republic. Palm Beach Atlantic was one of few private higher education institutions in Florida represented at the summit.

Lloyd, the Loreen Beisswenger Farish Chair for Political Thought, networked with other representatives from Floridian and Dominican colleges and universities. He heard presentations from Dominican leaders in government, academic and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that reflected U.S. Ambassador Robin S. Bernstein’s priorities: security, investment and trade, disaster preparedness and education. The summit was Bernstein’s initiative, and she hosted a reception for the delegates.

Dominican media interview Dr. Robert Lloyd, in Spanish, about the Florida-Dominican Republic Higher Education Summit.On the final day of the summit, Lloyd visited three universities in Santiago. He traveled with two embassy staffers and summit delegates from other Florida schools.

“I gained a very strong appreciation for the quality and variety of Dominican higher education institutions,” Lloyd said. “I was very impressed.”

Lloyd visited Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Salomé Ureña, a state-affiliated teachers’ university; The Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, a private, Catholic school; and the Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago, also a private school.

He identified several areas of teaching, research and service that PBA could develop in conjunction with a Dominican university. His Caribbean counterparts expressed a genuine desire to cooperate on areas of mutual interest, he said.

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