May 3, 2024

Exemplary Graduate, Josuah Tilus Pursues His Love of Pharmacy and Business

Josuah Tilus

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Josuah Tilus is graduating with a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Master of Business Administration from Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy (GSOP). Josuah, who will participate in GSOP’s Hooding Ceremony on Friday, May 3, 2024, initially completed his undergraduate degree in medicinal and biological chemistry.  

It comes as no surprise that he has been named the Outstanding Graduate for GSOP. Between 2022 and 2023, Josuah earned several prestigious scholarships and awards that underscore his dedication to being at the top of his field. Among the accolades he received was the Presidential Scholarship from the National Community Pharmacists Association Foundation and the Pfizer Scholarship through the Kappa Psi Foundation. Josuah also received the Terry Gubbins Student Leadership Award from the Florida Pharmacy Foundation, the Wahba Living Faith Scholarship from the Gregory School of Pharmacy twice and inducted into the Rho Chi Academic Society and received the Asklepios Award for Leadership from Kappa Psi Delta Upsilon. 

From Academic Excellence to Entrepreneurial Success 

Josuah Tilus is a leader in the West Palm Beach community, partnering with the Give Back Community and his church, where he mentors younger members. He has also had experience working with the National Community Pharmacist Association, which represents local pharmacies, which helped him view his love of pharmacy from an entrepreneurial perspective.  

“I like the idea of helping people achieve their dreams in an organizational context. Practice is great, and I love taking care of patients, but it showed me that God gave me a gift I could use in an administrative position,” Josuah said.  

Upon graduation, Josuah, who has already started acquiring a pharmacy part of a chain of 30 stores in Northwest Washington, will officially launch his business. The pharmacy will support a rural area of over 50 miles, providing 3,000 people with better access to medications. As the operations manager with his silent partner, Josuah is excited to impact the community’s general welfare. 

“It’s abundantly bigger than I could ever imagine…I told God I would take anything, and then God said how about you get the best of the best. God is good regardless of the outcome, but he really just gave me some extra grace,” Josuah Tilus said. 

Fulfilling a Lifelong Calling 

Josuah knew he wanted to pursue a career in pharmacy from an early age. He learned about the world of medicine from his mother, who is a nurse. He was fascinated by the complexities of medications and knew ever since junior high that God’s plan for him would involve pharmaceuticals.  

After being introduced to PBA at a Christian college fair, he connected with the admissions team and decided the school was where God wanted him. As a freshman, Josuah already knew he wanted to participate in the Pharmacy MBA program, and the program director introduced him to his mentor, Damien Simmons, an owner of a pharmacy in Atlantis, Florida.   

Simmons taught Josuah how independent pharmacies function. Josuah noticed more opportunities to form meaningful relationships in these small, personable pharmacies than in bigger national chains. This made Josuah want to follow in his mentor’s footsteps and work towards owning his own pharmacy someday.  

“He kind of guided me, showing me what ownership looks like, how to deal with the business side and also manage patients, and how to create an atmosphere that will be a blessing,” Josua said. 

 Advise on Embracing the Educational Journey  

Josuah advises current undergraduate and graduate students to enjoy their educational journey. He believes higher education is more than just an obstacle to overcome; it is instead an opportunity for students to find their passion and fall into God’s will. He believes having the right positive mindset will help students avoid burnout and feel meaning in their work. Josuah says that while not everything will turn out perfect, it will always be God’s will, which is much better than anything else imagined.  

 “PBA gives you everything you need if you’re willing to work for it. Not everything will be handed to you, but if you want something, PBA will help you get it if you’re willing to push for it,” Josuah said.  

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