June 14, 2023

Embracing a Father’s Love

Father's Day

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Father's Day Message

A parent’s nurturing love has been widely celebrated and deemed as “positive” in society. Contrarily, a father’s balanced correction and timely rebuke according to biblical standards, are not often celebrated or even deemed as “acceptable” in today’s time. The societal double-standard of parental love has often depicted a father to be one of two extremes: “docile and withdrawn” or “unreasonable and over-bearing.” This is where our observations and understanding of Jesus, our perfect example and standard-bearer, must overpower societal pressures and demonstrate the biblical standard for fatherhood.

Jesus is described as both the “Lamb of God” (John 1:29) and the mighty “Lion of Judah” (Revelation 5:5). Herein lies dual expressions of divine love. We see the reckless love of Jesus expressed through nurturing kindness, patience and grace. Yet, we also witness the expression of Christ’s love through righteous indignation, confrontation and strong correction. We must pray for biblical perspectives and interpretations of our natural father’s roles, responsibilities and expression of love, as they have immense implications on society at large. Ultimately, our understanding of Jesus as “Abba Father” can equip us to love, honor and better understand our natural father!

Although many will use today to focus on who their natural father was not; we can demonstrate Christ’s love to the world by honoring our natural fathers with love, grace and mercy. May our expectations of our natural father never outweigh those of our Heavenly Father, who is perfect! Happy Father’s Day and may God bless all the fathers on this special day!

-Emmanuel L. McNeely, MD

PBA Alumnus, Class of 2012


Read more of Emmanuel’s story here.

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