October 25, 2022

Counseling Alumnus Expresses Gratitude for PBA Community

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PBA Orlando alumnus Jim Kochenburger credits his professors with connecting him with the internship that launched his career.

Kochenburger completed his student internship at First Orlando Counseling, where he has been a Licensed Family & Marriage Counselor for seven years. This summer, he and his wife, Karen, launched their online marriage course, The Love Seat Experience: 8 Keys to Lifelong Love, based on what they learned in 37 years of marriage.

Kochenburger graduated from the PBA Orlando Campus in 2016 at 52 years old. He said he appreciated the community and small class sizes of the Orlando campus. He formed “meaningful relationships with his classmates” and professors, who were influential in his life. Kochenburger described his professors and peers as “really incredible people” whom he had “good camaraderie with,” and with whom he is still close to this day.

PBA offered “great preparation” for his future. One of his professors connected him with an internship at First Orlando Counseling, which led to the start of his career. His professors were “personable and generous,” and they were one of his favorite aspects of his PBA experience, he said.

“The instruction was excellent, the clinical training was very valuable and the professors helped students find quality internships,” Kochenburger said, summarizing his time at PBA.

Photo: Jim and Andrea Kochenburger pose for a photo. Jim Kochenburger is an alumnus of PBA Orlando’s counseling program. He and his wife launched an online marriage course based on what they’ve learned in 37 years of marriage.


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