June 16, 2021

Associate Provost Named to Nationwide Senior Leadership Academy

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Dr. Nathan Lane

The Council of Independent Colleges selected Dr. Nathan Lane, associate provost and associate professor of biblical and theological studies, for its Senior Leadership Academy. The selection process was highly competitive because of the large number of accomplished nominees.

The Council’s Executive and Senior Leadership Academies provide professional development for administrators and faculty members of the CIC’s 658 member institutions. The Senior Leadership Academy is intended for mid-level administrators or outstanding faculty identified as having the potential for senior leadership positions.

Lane joined the University in 2007, and in 2017 was appointed to his current position overseeing faculty development, general education, the Frederick M. Supper Honors Program and special projects. His research interests lie in Old Testament theology, hermeneutics and the prophets.

Ten cohorts have completed the Senior Leadership Academy since 2010, strengthening their effectiveness in their leadership positions and preparing them for career advancement. The academy includes two national seminars, readings, webinars, structured mentorship guidance and considerable emphasis on individualized experiential activities.

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