November 13, 2019

Advent Devotional’s New Editor Reveals 2019 Theme

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Nothing quite compares to the wonder of a child at Christmas, and in the weeks leading up to the birth of Christ, Dr. Brittany Melton wants to rekindle that wonder.

Christians celebrate Advent beginning four Sundays before Christmas. Each week, they light candles signifying the virtues Christ brings: hope, peace, joy and love.

Melton, a professor in the School of Ministry, is the new editor of the Advent devotional guide, which has “wonder” as its theme. The free guide is available to anyone from the community at large who subscribes. The guide will be published digitally beginning Sunday, Dec. 1. Those who subscribe will receive daily devotions every morning via email through Christmas Day, Dec. 25.

Melton assumes the role of Advent guide editor following Dr. Ken Mahanes, special adviser to the President. Contributors include alumni, students, staff and faculty from various departments, as well as local ministers who are alumni or adjunct faculty. Family members and retired faculty are also participating, Melton said.

Authors include Jill Hardin, wife of ministry professor Dr. Justin Hardin; Jeanny Alexandre, PBA chapel praise team coordinator; and Lexie Rivera, a new mom and secretary to the School of Ministry dean. Rev. Kevin L. Jones ’07, assistant pastor of Tabernacle Church wrote the first devotional “Will You Make Room?” asking people to make time for reflecting on Jesus this season.

“I hope there will be a commitment among our readers to persevere through the whole season,” Melton said. “Hopefully reflecting during Advent can be a practice that carries into reflecting during Lent.”


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