January 31, 2024

A Night to Remember at PBA’s Coffeehouse World Tour


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It is no secret that Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) boasts a thriving community of exceptionally skilled performing artists, including musicians. The Coffeehouse: World Tour concert on Friday, January 26, was undeniable evidence of the talent among PBA’s Sailfish. 

The Gregory Green was alive with anticipation as students, including the enthusiastic freshman Isaiah Black, gathered in the hopes of being captivated by the musical prowess of their fellow peers. 

For Black, the experience surpassed his expectations. He shared that the standout features were “the variety” of musical acts and “the number of different bands,” which were the highlights of his night. 

“I like that it was a mixture of original songs with some rock songs that people already knew…we had some newer songs, but we also had some older stuff from U2 and Elvis,” shared Black. 

There were also noteworthy performances from sophomore vocalist Landon Coggins and freshman singer/guitar player Daniel Matos, who served as strong representatives of the mentioned musical “variety.” 

Coggins and his band “Borrowed Kit” had the crowd electrified with energetic renditions, including a dynamic take on Weatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag.” 

Both Coggins and Matos expressed delight in being part of the Coffeehouse on-stage experience, citing the community support as a definite crowning aspect.  

Matos described “realizing that people were enjoying [his performance] too” as “awesome” and added that he “[felt] like half of these people didn’t know [him], but then [he] started playing, and they were like clapping and enjoying the songs.” 

Coggins similarly characterized Coffeehouse as “a good environment” that allows “some people, who don’t always get an opportunity, to sing or show their talents.” 

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