May 7, 2024

A Mother’s Impact on the Next Generation

Lindsay Richardson and family

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Lindsay Richardson grew up in Palm Beach County, and she is no stranger to Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA). In fact, she comes from a long line of Sailfish. She is the youngest of three, and both of her older sisters, Makayla and Kesley, attended PBA. Not only that, but her mother, Tammy Richardson, graduated from PBA in 1995, pioneering the legacy for her daughters.  

“Getting a Christian education was something that I always wanted in the college that I chose, and when I heard from my family members and friends about the impact PBA had on them, it made me excited to choose this school,” Lindsay explained.  

On Saturday, May 4, Lindsay graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and she plans on taking her photography business, Through A Linds Photography, full-time. PBA is located in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach and is within walking distance to the island of Palm Beach, and Lindsay has no shortage of clients. “It really allowed me to network and connect with people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise,” she said.  

PBA has many traditions – including Sailfish Cup, which involves varying competitions between the residence halls, the Great American Bug Race, a cockroach race hosted by the Science Club to raise funds for research projects, Workship, PBA’s acclaimed community service program, and more. Because all of them attended PBA, Lindsay and her family can bond over these unique experiences.

“It is really sweet to see the legacy that my two sisters, my mom and I have made, and to know that all of us share the special experiences that come along with attending PBA,” Lindsay said.  

Tammy Richardson: The Start of a PBA Legacy 

Tammy Richardson has lived in Palm Beach County since she was three years old. She attended Palm Beach State College for two years, but going into her junior year she yearned for a Christian education.  

“It was a huge stretch financially to attend PBA,” Tammy shared. “But, I really valued a Christian worldview and education. PBA provided so many opportunities for me to grow as a Christian.”  

Tammy majored in math and minored in secondary education, and after teaching for over twenty years, she is now a high school principal at Kings Academy in West Palm Beach. So much of what Tammy experienced at PBA she tries to bring into the workplace with her today.  

“So many of my professors were advocating for me, and now, as a high school principal at Kings Academy, I really feel that so much of what I observed and experienced as a student at PBA are things that I seek to achieve as an administrator – I want to know my students and be personally involved in cheering them on.”  

As Tammy watched her youngest daughter walk across the stage and graduate from PBA, she was filled with gratitude.  

“Because of PBA, all three of my daughters have been so well positioned for future success in their careers, but also as Godly women,” she said. “I think of all the ways PBA interweaves faith into their priorities, and I was personally so satisfied that my daughters chose to subscribe to that.” 

Tammy will always be PBA’s biggest advocate, and her passion and love for the university is contagious.  

“I can’t say enough good things about PBA. I love it – I always have. I am eternally grateful for the young women that my daughters have become and their relationship with the Lord. They have all grown spiritually throughout their college years, which is not the story that everyone gets to share.”

As PBA celebrates its 55th anniversary, the Lord’s hand is so evidently at work in the university. PBA stands as a beacon of hope, and the Richardson family is a testament to the transformative power of Christian education. PBA has established itself as a cornerstone of Christian higher education, and it has built a legacy that spans generations. 

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