Outside Scholarships

A Three Step Process



Does your hometown have clubs, organizations, community foundations, fire departments, police departments or churches that award scholarships? It never hurts to ask! Many organizations give scholarship money to students from local high schools, and often these opportunities are not advertised.

The Outside Scholarship page on your myPBA account is another avenue that you can use in your search for scholarship opportunities. These options have presented to our office and have been approved by our office for authenticity!

Please note: this option is only available to current PBA students as you are required to have valid myPBA login credentials.




Apply with the outside scholarship foundations of your choice! It is important to apply to more than just one scholarship since, after all, the secret to winning is applying!




Once you hear back from the foundations you applied with, your next step is to notify our office that you have been awarded an outside scholarship! Depending on how the outside scholarship funds will be received use the information below to help you proceed:

  • If you have already received a scholarship check, you can mail it to us, or stop by the Financial Aid Office, so it can be applied to your account. Please mail all scholarship letters and checks to the following address:
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Financial Aid Office
Attn: Mariah Welch
P.O. Box 24708
West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4708
  • If your scholarship funds will not arrive before payment is due, please provide us a letter from the scholarship organization stating the amount they will be sending and how the scholarship should be split. If this is not specified in the letter provided, the scholarship will automatically be split between the Fall and Spring semesters.


Community Scholarship Foundations

Central Florida Foundation 

In 1996, the first scholarship fund was established at the Central Florida Foundation. Today, The Central Florida Foundation has awarded nearly $1 million in scholarships through nine unique scholarship funds. These scholarship funds were established by generous donors who wanted to create a lasting impact in the community by providing deserving students support toward achieving their educational and professional goals.

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College Fund of Pinellas County, Inc.

The College Fund of Pinellas County, Inc. began helping Pinellas County residents attend college 50 years ago in 1965. Their objectives have been to raise and distribute funds for the assistance of scholastically-qualified Pinellas County residents who are pursuing a college-level education and who demonstrate a need for substantial financial aid. Additioanlly, the fund strives to maintain contact with student recipients to support them in their educational pursuits.

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Community Foundation for Brevard 

The Community Foundation administers a scholarship program that each year helps local students pursue their dreams and goals at colleges and universities. Scholarships allow the foundation’s donors to invest in the future by helping deserving students pursue higher education. Students will benefit from the financial assistance as well as the academic recognition of being a scholarship recipient.

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Community Foundation of Broward County 

The Community Foundation of Broward offers more than $100,000 in scholarships to give deserving students the help they need to lead boldly.

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Community Foundation of Collier County 

The Community Foundation of Collier County can set up and offer a variety of scholarships for a variety of interests. Scholarships for college and universities are the most popular. Students are eligible to apply for a scholarship if they are a permanent, legal resident of Collier County. Read through the criteria of each scholarship on their website to determine which ones to apply for!

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Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 

This Community Foundation is one of the largest providers of scholarships in the two county region. It has nearly 100 scholarship funds that have been established by donors who are committed to education. Since 1983, the Community Foundation has awarded $7.5 million in scholarship grants and helped over 1,700 students fulfill their college dreams.

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Community Foundation of Sarasota County 

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County believes an investment in education is an investment in our community’s future. They believe that all who wish to further their education and increase future potential for success should have an equal chance to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. This is why Sarasota County has a scholarship program in place that helps hundreds of students – high school seniors, current college students, and adult learners – attend college, trade school, or technical college.  Along, with the support and passion of their donors, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County has been able to award over $1.6 million in scholarships each year to eligible students from Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and DeSoto Counties. 

Applicants 24 years of age or older (by December 31, 2016) are considered adult learners and are encouraged to explore the foundation’s adult learner scholarship program.

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Southwest Florida Community Foundation 

The Southwest Florida Community Foundation has been able to award 98 individual College Scholarships in 2015, to both high school graduates and undergraduate college students. This amounts to over $500,000 in financial support to individuals. The foundation strives to provide students in Southwest Florida the opportunity to apply for college scholarships with their generous donors.

Scholarships are available for high school seniors wanting to continue their education at the vocational/technical school level, university or community college, as well as for undergraduate and graduate students continuing their post-secondary education.

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The Miami Foundation 

The Miami Foundation’s scholarship programs help students gain access to higher education. Increasing young people’s educational attainment is a critical factor for Greater Miami’s growth. Thanks to generous donors, the foundation has helped countless students develop and contribute their passions and talents to our community. Scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, including overcoming life’s obstacles and academic achievement.

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