Theodore R. and Vivian M. Johnson Grants

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Mr. and Mrs. Johnson believed that education is essential to the individual and to the strength of the free enterprise system, which they valued highly. The Foundation they established provides scholarship grants to qualified students at Palm Beach Atlantic who wish to pursue their academic goals through higher education but cannot otherwise afford to do so. By supporting education, the Foundation seeks to promote free enterprise and foster the values of leadership, high ideals and social responsibility that develop as a result of the student’s hard work and personal effort.

Applicants must be qualified high school graduates who demonstrate need, with emphasis being placed on students from middle-income families. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson also established other scholarships, the John A. Gullinear Johnson Scholarship and the Charles S. and Leonetta R. Macleod Scholarship, in memory of their parents.

The Johnson Scholarship Foundation: What Would You Do?

Learn all about the Johnson Scholarship Foundation and it’s founder, Theodore Johnson and how he impacted the people around him and even after his passing, continues to help PBA students.

Johnson Scholarship Foundation: How does it Impact?

Learn all about the Johnson Scholarship Foundation and how it impacts the lives of PBA students.

The Johnson Scholarship Foundation: What does this have to do with you?

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Johnson Scholarship Facts

  • PBA awards 1.2 million every year
  • Between 400-500 returning students receive this award
  • Awarded to the neediest day UG population
  • They must be in good academic standing to receive
  • Every spring PBA Development hosts a Johnson Scholarship day

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