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There are a few other resources that our students use to make attending PBA affordable! These resources listed below are available to most of our student population and not all options require a completed FAFSA.

Additional Financial Aid Resources

Outside of PBA, there are numerous individuals and organizations offering scholarship opportunities to college students. Visit the Outside Scholarships page for more information about the scholarships available to you!

Families have the opportunity to set up a Florida Prepaid or 529 Savings plan before their students attend college. These options allow families to save money over time to apply towards their student’s account once they enroll in college. If you have a Florida Prepaid or 529 Savings Plan in place for your student, please visit the Prepaid and 529 Savings Plans page to determine your next steps.

Private loans provide another financial avenue for students and/or parents to help with any remaining costs not covered by a student’s scholarships and grants. From a personal finance standpoint, it is extremely important that you have first exhausted all other financing options such as grants, scholarships, and federal loans. Without an excellent credit history, you will likely need to find willing and creditworthy individuals to co-sign your private loan applications. Visit the Private Loans page to learn more about the application process.

While you may not be eligible for federal aid, international and undocumented students (including DACA) have options to help make PBA affordable for you. Visit our International Students page for more information.

If your calling is to empower others to live healthier lives, PBA’s Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy will provide an ideal path forward. But you may be asking yourself, how can I make this affordable? Visit the Pharmacy Financial Aid page for more information pertinent to your success!

At PBA, we honor veterans of our Armed Forces. Veterans add to the diversity and texture of our campus, and we are happy to have many as members of the PBA community. Visit the Veterans Benefits page to learn more about the chapter benefits offered at PBA.

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