Earth Week 2023

Welcome to Palm Beach Atlantic University’s annual Earth Week celebrations. The Earth Week committee will be encouraging you to participate in various events from Monday, April 17 to Friday, April 21, aimed at connecting you with the planet, educating you about sustainability and conservation, and “greening” your own lives. The highlight of our events will be the Earth Day Fair on April 21, with exhibitors assembled from all over South Florida demonstrating how they are protecting the environment

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Monday, April 17

Troubled Waters

Event: Screening of documentary, “Troubled Waters: A Turtle’s Tale”

This documentary explores how human-caused threats are impacting sea turtle populations in South Florida and across the globe. 

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Plastic Pollution Flyer

Reduce Plastic Pollution

Have you heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Everyday, around 8 million pieces of plastic end up in the ocean. The biggest sources of plastic pollutans are packaging, plastic bags, bottles and bottle caps. 

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Tuesday, April 18

Everglades conservation

Challenge: Everglades Conservation

The Everglades is home to over 350 species of birds, 300 species of fish, 40 species of mammals, and 50 species of reptiles including 13 endangered and 10 threatened species.

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Plant with a Purpose

Event: Dr John Richert (PBA) with organization Plant with Purpose

Come learn about a Christian mission that is reversing poverty and environmental damage by planting trees. 

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Wednesday, April 19

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification

The more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the more the ocean absorbs. Increased levels in the ocean enhance acidification. 

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Thursday, April 20


Peanut Island

Challenge: Peanut Island and Lake Worth Lagoon

Be aware. Reduce impact. Do our part. Please help protect this very unique estuarine habitat of Peanut Island by not swimming, fishing, or throwing cast nets from the dock or in the channels.  

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Event: “Plogging” in association with PBA Running Club

We’ll be picking up trash while running or walking! Come get some exercise as we beautify the downtown area. 

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Friday, April 21

Earth Day Fair

Event: Earth Day Fair

Celebrate Earth Day by attending the Earth Day Fair.

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Rising Sea Level

Challenge: Rising Sea Level

Protect the wetlands that act as barriers along our coast.

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