Timmer, Fontaine





Dr. Fontaine Timmer was born and raised in New Jersey, and moved to Florida twenty-one years ago. She has served in the health care field for over 30 years, where her experience includes working as a social worker, registered nurse and currently as a DNP.

Dr. Timmer has worked in hospitals, family and children services, and state psychiatric hospitals, where she provided counseling and medical services. In Palm Beach County, she developed health and wellness, exercise, stress management, and educational

programs. Dr. Timmer is passionate about helping her patients be proactive in their health by counseling them about self-care and suggesting preventative services.

She also developed and implemented individualized patient plans (IPP’s) for clients with intellectual disabilities.

Dr. Timmer organizes and provides services for health fairs in the community, and advocates for under-served and vulnerable populations. Her consulting service, Dr. F. Timmer Consulting Services, provides educational services including health topics, self-care, development, implementation and evaluation of new programs. 

Dr. Timmer has spoken at graduations, nursing events, and women’s conferences, and recently gave an executive leadership poster presentation for Florida Organization Nurse Executives (FONE). Before becoming a member of the full-time faculty, Dr. Timmer served as director of the Volunteer Nurse Training Corps of Palm Beach County, where she organized nurses, nurse practitioners, and doctors to volunteer in the community to fill in the gaps and improve health outcomes in the under-served population. She also owns and oversees a facility for developmentally disabled individuals in Broward and Palm Beach County.

Dr. Timmer is President of Chi Phi Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau national organization, and serves as a board member on several community organizations in Palm Beach County.


B.A., Bloomfield College; B.S.N., Fairleigh Dickinson University; M.S.N., South University; D.N.P., Palm Beach Atlantic University ’17.

Joined PBA in