Faculty Details

Sedlacek, Linda

Associate Professor of Earth Science and Oceanography




(561) 803-2270


The School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Sedlacek’s research focused on behavioral studies, toxicology, and taxonomy of copepods (small crustaceans that are important in the lower part of the marine food chain). Prior to coming to PBA, she worked for the Gulf of Mexico Alliance (a collaborative organization formed by the governors of the Gulf of Mexico states to address regional issues) as an assistant coordinator within the water quality priority area, and also taught as an adjunct professor at Tallahassee Community College. During her time working for the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, she developed a mercury in seafood subgroup and a data comparability program. She also gained experience in getting scientists, coastal managers, and policy makers to achieve consensus on key topics. Dr. Sedlacek looks forward to teaching earth science and oceanography courses at PBA, as well as conducting collaborative research in the area.


B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University.


Biology (UG), Chemistry/Forensic Science/Oceanography/Physics (UG)