Radonna Paschall

Director, Warren Library | University Librarian

Department: Warren Library

joined: 2023


Radonna has worked in the corporate field in areas of management and administration for seven years.  She has been an academic librarian for the past twelve years, seven of which were as director. She has taught courses in pre-classical Mediterranean archaeology and strategies for student success.  Radonna’s primary research interest is Paleoindian projectile point technology.  She has given lectures, written a typology, and created a museum exhibit in this specialization.  Radonna is a member of the Association of Christian Librarians and the American Historical Society, and is soon to pursue her doctorate in ancient civilizations.  Radonna has two adult sons, Ty and Trevor, who practice in the fields of trauma surgery and family counseling, respectively.  She and her husband, Kirk, enjoy mountain hiking, pickleball, and travel.