Plaza, Francisco

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Campus: WPB
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Phone: (561) 803-2489
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The School of Arts and Sciences
History and Political Science (UG)
Honors (UG)
Humanities (UG)

Faculty Profile

Full Name: Francisco Plaza

Professor of Politics

B.A., M.B.A., Universidad Metropolitana (Venezuela); M.A., Ph.D., The Catholic University of America.

Dr. Plaza has taught in PBA since the year 2005 and is also part of the faculty of the Supper Honors Program. Before coming to PBA, Dr. Plaza taught political theory at Universidad Metropolitana, where he also founded and served as Director of the first liberal arts program in Venezuela. Between 1994 and 1999, he served as alternate representative of Venezuela’s Diplomatic Mission to the Organization of American States. As a conference participant, he has recently presented papers such as "Aristotle and Aquinas on the Common Good," "Limits to the Understanding of the Liberal-Democratic Order," "Democracy as a Form of Life," "The Pillars of Social Order," "The Hidden Meaning of the Totalitarian Language," and “The Silence of Democracy.” His doctoral dissertation explored the political philosophy of the French-American philosopher Yves R. Simon, and his current research activity focuses on the causes for the growing vulnerability of Latin American countries to the totalitarian inspiration of emerging mass political movements.