Melanie Zaskey

Access Services Librarian

Department: Warren Library

joined: 2023


Melanie Lorraine Zaskey has a B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation from Oklahoma State University and a MLIS from University of South Florida. As the director of member services for resource sharing at SEFLIN (Southeast Florida Library Information), Melanie served a community of 6.5 million patrons, managing e-resource sharing among libraries from five counties.  She spearheaded a standing committee of academic, public, and special librarians in developing the SEFLIN Annual Virtual Conference which focused on technology, innovation, and transformative librarianship.

Melanie developed the Social Services in Libraries program in South Florida, placing social workers and social work interns from FIU, FAU and Barry University in libraries in Miami, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin counties, with two libraries developing permanent social work positions as a result of her efforts. She also initiated the Adobe Creative Suite certification programming in libraries, focusing on program development for professional and patron Adobe certification courses in the areas of skill development, digitization, patron programming, and marketing training to increase digital inclusion for underserved populations. She also worked with the University of South Florida’s Dr. Peter Cannon in bringing responsive librarianship training to librarians in South Florida. Melanie has worked toward improving services in our communities by collaborating between various social service agencies and academic institutions, as well as serving on USF’s MLIS Advisory Council.

Melanie considers herself a dabbling multi-media artist with a passion for creative program development by incorporating 21st century technology and academic research. She has spent decades working with varied populations such as gifted youth; severely abused youth and teens; adjudicated females with addiction challenges; homeless individuals; and adults and youth pursuing higher education.

Melanie enjoys spending time reading, pursuing various art forms, meditation and reflecting on the Word and love of God. In her spare time Melanie can be found walking, biking or yoga-ing along the beaches of South Florida with her daughters, or learning from her ingenious husband about music, moviemaking or tromping through the woods exploring the mysteries and wonders of nature.