Madison Ngafeeson

Professor of Data Analytics | Chair, Business Data Analytics Program

School: Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. School of Business
Department: Accounting, Finance, Economics and Data Analytics
Sub-department(s): Accounting, Finance and Economics

joined: 2022


Madison N. Ngafeeson, Professor of Data Analytics & Chair of Business Data Analytics Program
B.Sc., University of Buea (Cameroon); M.S., Southern University at New Orleans; Ph.D.,
University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley.
Dr. Madison Ngafeeson earned his Ph.D. in information systems and quantitative methods from
The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. Dr. Ngafeeson also earned a business analytics
certificate at Harvard University’s Harvard Business Analytics Program. He is a recipient of
numerous awards including, The Maxwell Leadership Culture Awards, 2023, The University of
Texas-RGV Ph.D. in Information Systems Distinguished Alumni Award, 2023, and the Individual
Innovation Award 2022 from Northern Michigan University for his significant contributions to
business analytics curriculum development and delivery at the university.
Dr. Ngafeeson is a passionate teacher and researcher. His current teaching interests are in the
areas of business analytics, informatics, and digital strategy. His research interests span from
information technology management issues to organizational renewal through digitization. His
publications appear in reputable national and international conferences such as the Decision
Sciences Institute and the European Conference on Information Systems; as well as journal
outlets such as the International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics, the
International Journal of Electronic Healthcare, the International Journal of Electronic
Government Research, and the Journal of Information Technology Education.
Dr. Ngafeeson has served in the healthcare and non-profit sectors before joining the academy.
He is also an executive trainer, coach, and leadership consultant. Dr. Ngafeeson is the Founder
and President of two leadership development organizations, namely: LEAD Missions
International and SuperiorLEAD LLC. He is an internationally certified speaker and trainer with
the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.
Dr. Ngafeeson’s latest book, The Day Before Tomorrow: How to Make Today Count! has been
read around the world, and is currently being used in Masterminds, and courses to prepare
students and career professionals for achieving the life of their dreams.
Dr. Ngafeeson brings a wealth of experience in teaching business professionals and the
reputable Maxwell Leadership curriculum to add value to professionals around the world. He is
also a keynote speaker and has hosted leadership conferences, seminars, and masterminds
with leaders in various countries around the world, including Canada, Britain, Denmark,
Holland, Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Cameroon, Burundi, Rwanda, and the United States. Through
his organization, Dr. Ngafeeson has trained over 15,000 leaders from over 50 countries. He
believes that personal leadership is the key to leading a successful life.
Dr. Ngafeeson joined PBA in fall 2022




PHD in Business Administration, The University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley | MS in Management Information Systems, Southern University of New Orleans