Linda Raeder

Professor of Politics

School: School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Politics
Sub-department(s): Politics and Pre-Law (UG) | Honors (UG) | Humanities (UG)

joined: 2001


Dr. Raeder teaches political theory and political economy. Before joining the PBA faculty in 2001, she taught at the Center for U.S. Studies in Wittenberg, Germany. She has been associate editor of Humanitas, published by the National Humanities Institute, since 1994. Her publications include a book on the religious thought and aspirations of John Stuart Mill, John Stuart Mill and the Religion of Humanity (University of Missouri Press, 2002), as well as a three-volume study of freedom and American society: Freedom and Political Order: Traditional American Thought and Practice; Freedom and Economic Order: Capitalism and Socialism in Theory and Practice; and Limited Government and the Death of God: The Rise and Fall of Freedom (Lexington Books, 2018-2019). She is also the author of numerous scholarly articles on the nature and development of the Anglo-American liberal tradition, including “Hayek: A Man of Measure,” “Hayek on the Role of Reason in Human Affairs,” “Voegelin on Gnosticism, Modernity, and the Balance of Consciousness,” “Edmund Burke: Old Whig,” “Augustine and the Case for Limited Government,” “Liberalism and the Common Good,” “The Nature of Civil Society: an American Perspective,” “The Liberalism/Conservatism of Burke and Hayek: A Critical Comparison,” “Education and the Free Society” and “Marxism as Psychodrama.” As a conference participant in the United States and Germany, she has presented papers such as “Civil Society and the Renewal of American Culture,” “The Nature of Civil Society,” “The Psychological Presidency,” “Liberalism and the Common Good” and “The Rule of Law.” She has been awarded numerous academic awards, including PBA’s Corts Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2017; the Institute for Humane Studies’ Lambe Fellowship; the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Weaver Fellowship; an Earhart Foundation Fellowship; the University of Richmond’s Albright Fellowship; and the University of Virginia’s Governor’s Fellowship. She also serves as a peer reviewer for scholarly journals in her field.


PHD in Politics, Catholic University of America | MA in Political Science, University of Richmond | MED in Curriculum & Instruction – Social Studies, University of Virginia | BS in Economics, Virginia Commonwealth University