Faculty Details

Ladd, Timothy

Associate Professor of Education




(561) 803-2335


The School of Education and Behavioral Studies

After Dr. Ladd completed a master's degree in International Management, he worked five years in the private sector. After his corporate years ended, he received alternative teacher certification offered by the Dallas Independent School District. He taught upper elementary grades for five years, while he completed administrator's certification. Dr. Ladd then was employed as public school administrator in Dallas for five years while he studied educational administration and elementary education in graduate school.

He also was assistant professor of education for two years at Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, Texas. At Wayland, he served as director of student teaching and faculty advisor to Kappa Delta Pi, a national honor society in Education. He also is a member of Kappa Delta Epsilon and Phi Delta Kappa. At PBA, he is director of the master's program in Education.

His research interests include educational assessment and alternative teacher certification. His wife, Kim, is assistant professor of life work planning for PBA's Rinker School of Business.


B.A., M.I.M., Baylor University; Ed.D., Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University.


Education (UG), Educational Leadership (GR)