Karelynne Ayayo

Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies | Associate Dean, Catherine T. MacArthur School | Co-Coordinator, General Education Program

School: School of Ministry
Department: School of Ministry
Sub-department(s): Ministry (UG) | Graduate Department

joined: 2004


Dr. Ayayo has a background in New Testament and practical theology, and she seeks to train students to translate biblical texts into theological truths to be applied in the process of Christian maturity and mission. Dr. Ayayo has coauthored Thinking about Adoption: A Practical and Theological Handbook for Christians Discerning the Call to Parent by Adoption (forthcoming), and a second edition of Hermeneutics: Principles and Processes of Biblical Interpretation. Additional research and scholarly publications include numerous articles in Zondervan’s Archeological Study Bible, in the Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary, and regular book reviews in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. At PBA, Dr. Ayayo teaches courses in Bible, New Testament, hermeneutics, and missions. She enjoys helping students grow in their faith as a result of greater biblical and theological grounding. In addition to formal teaching, Dr. Ayayo embraces opportunities to enter into deeper mentoring relationships with female students. Dr. Ayayo is active in administrative endeavors beyond her regular teaching schedule, serving as the coordinator of the online ministry program of the School of Ministry and as the co-coordinator of general education. In her personal life Dr. Ayayo is passionate about helping women to discover what it means to be both Christians and women. She and her husband, Michael, an ordained minister in the Southern Baptist Convention, and their two children, Zachary and Megan, frequently open their home to others for hospitality and fellowship. Her family’s own experiences have opened doors for Dr. Ayayo to minister in the adoption and autism communities.


THD in Ministry in Church and Society, Boston University | MA in New Testament, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary | MA in World Mission/Evangelism, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary | BA in Religion, College of Wooster