Emily Webster

Assistant Professor of Marketing

School: Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. School of Business
Department: Rinker School of Business
Sub-department(s): Management, Marketing and International Business

joined: 2023


Emily Webster is the Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Rinker School of Business. Emily holds a
Ph.D. in Marketing from Georgia State University where her research focused on consumer behavior in
the social media space. Her journey in marketing began with a bachelor’s degree from the University of
Alabama, followed by a master’s degree in marketing from Georgia State. With about a decade of
experience in academia and the marketing industry.
Primarily, her research contributes to the emerging field of social media strategy, digital consumer
identities, and consumer well-being. She examines a variety of marketing tactics, technologies, and
strategies that influence social media consumer behavior and have a downstream impact on the firm.
Emily examines the dynamic field of consumer well-being in social media, specifically social media
centric consumption. Her work has been published in scholarly journals such as the Journal of Business
Research. Emily currently teaches Principles of Marketing and Digital Marketing at the undergraduate
level and instructs Marketing Management at the graduate level




PHD in Business Administration, Marketing concentration, Georgia State University | MS in Marketing, Georgia State University