Donna Fowler

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

School: School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Mathematics
Sub-department(s): Mathematics and Computer Science (UG)

joined: 1994


Dr. Donna Fowler has taught mathematics at PBA since 1994. She recently completed her doctoral degree; her dissertation involved comparing/contrasting middle grades mathematics textbooks from Singapore and the United States with regard to twenty-three features. Dr. Fowler has been a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) since 1999. She has also held memberships in the Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics (FCTM) and the Palm Beach County Council of Teachers of Mathematics (PBCCTM). Dr. Fowler is the faculty sponsor for the Mathematics Society, a student-led club whose purpose is to promote the appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics at PBA and in the wider community.


EDD in Curriculum and Instruction, Florida International University | EDS in Curriculum and Instruction: Mathematics Education, Florida International University | MS in Mathematics, Middle Tennessee State University | BA in Mathematics, Carson Newman University