David Horkott

Associate Professor of Philosophy | Chair, Philosophy Department | Fellow, Service-Learning

School: School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Philosophy
Sub-department(s): Philosophy (UG) | Humanities (UG) | Honors (UG)

joined: 2002


Dr. David Horkott has always been fascinated by the universe and curious about life. In 1977 he took his first philosophy class with C. Stephen Evans at Wheaton College, where lectures on Kierkegaard convinced him that devotion to philosophy would make his faith more meaningful. While at Wheaton, he studied the history of philosophy and ethics with Arthur Holmes; in 1985 he earned an M.A. in Systematic Theology studying under Walter A. Elwell. After theology, he returned to philosophy and earned a doctorate in an interdisciplinary program with a concentration in philosophy at the University of Dallas. Dr. Horkott spent the next ten years in Texas, studying continental philosophy and aesthetics with Robert E. Wood and Dennis L. Sepper. His dissertation, completed in 2001, focused on Nietzsche’s critique of western culture as it appears in On the Genealogy of Morals. In the Untimely Meditations, Nietzsche wrote, “Let the youthful soul look back on life with the question: what have you truly loved up to now, what has drawn your soul aloft, what has mastered it and at the same time blessed it?” David agrees with Nietzsche’s sentiments; our nature is not buried deep within us–our true nature lies in something immeasurably high above us.


PHD in Philosophy, University of Dallas | MA in Philosophy, University of Dallas | MA in Theological Studies, Wheaton College | BA in Biblical Studies, Philosophy, Wheaton College