Claire Wolan-Oconnor

Associate Professor of Psychology

School: School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Psychology
Sub-department(s): Psychology (UG)

joined: 2007


Dr. Wolan-O’Connor has been pursuing a deeper understanding of the human mind since she was first intrigued by the subject in a high school psychology class. A native Floridian, she completed an undergraduate degree in psychology from Florida State University taking as many electives in her major as possible to satiate her interest in psychology. Spending time in Washington, DC, the Philadelphia area, and historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, she applied her talents in diverse clinical and research settings including hospitals, private practices, a community mental health clinic, senior centers, and an animal research laboratory. Back in her home state, she is now teaching the psychology courses that she enjoyed so much in college. Her husband, Dr. Michael O’Connor, is also a faculty member at PBA in the music department. If she is not playing with her young son, you will likely find her enjoying a movie or television show looking for the psychology in everything.


PSD in Clinical Psychology, Widener University | MA in Clinical Psychology, Widener University | MA in Psychology, Catholic University of America | BA in Psychology, Florida State University