Chesnes, Thomas

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Campus: WPB
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Phone: (561) 803-2394
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The School of Arts and Sciences
Biology (UG)

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Full Name: Thomas Chesnes

Professor of Biology

B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Florida.

Dr. Chesnes specializes in estuarine and field biology.  He has worked in estuaries and salt marshes throughout the southeastern United States, studying vertebrate, invertebrate and plant species.  He is a member of the Estuarine Research Federation, the Southeastern Estuarine Research Society and the Florida Academy of Sciences. He has researched, presented, and published work in a variety of areas including seagrass and invertebrate ecology, fisheries management, the invasive Burmese python in the Everglades, institutional sustainability, higher education, and the interface between science and religion. He is the primary instructor for Environment and Society, Natural History of the Everglades Watershed, Field Biology, and Senior Research Project.  He has collaborated and coauthored works with undergraduate students in research, resulting in a number of peer reviewed publications and professional presentations. He has recently published articles appearing in Florida Sportsman, Florida Scientist, Christian Scholars Review, and North American Journal of Fisheries Management.  He and Dr. Samuel Joeckel are co-editors of The Christian College Phenomenon: Inside America’s Fastest Growing Institutions of Higher Learning (Abilene Christian University Press).