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Browning, Fred

Professor of Physics




(561) 803-2603


The School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Browning is the first theoretical physicist to be hired by PBA. Dr. Browning's work in high energy particle theory has added a solid component to PBA's programming in physical science. His recent full-time work as a postdoctoral research fellow in the field of medical physics at the University of Wisconsin in Madison has added great value to our Pharmacy and Nursing Schools. Dr. Browning taught introductory physics courses at UIC for several years and was the TA for all introductory physics labs for science and non-science majors.He was a physics instructor at Elgin Community College and a tutor in science and math at Waubonsee Community College. In the words of Dr. Browning, "I look forward to sharing my amazement at how this world is made. The laws of physics are beautiful, surprising and a reflection of the careful work of creation done by God. How things work together and the mathematical description of their interactions points directly to a supreme being of thoughtful design."


B.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; M.S., University of Illinois-Chicago. Ph.D., University of Illinois-Chicago.


Chemistry/Forensic Science/Oceanography/Physics (UG)