Brittany Stinson

Assistant Professor of Biology

School: School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Biology
Sub-department(s): Biology (UG)

joined: 2018


Dr. Stinson received her undergraduate degree from Norfolk State University from the department of biology in 2008 and was a recipient of the Dozoretz National Institute for Mathematics and Applied Sciences scholarship. She is a member of the Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society. As an undergraduate research intern, Dr. Stinson studied opioid promotion of angiogenesis and tumor progression in cancer tissues. She went on to receive a master of science in biology and a doctorate in integrated biology with a concentration in biomedical science from Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Stinson’s dissertation research focused on characterizing bacterial and mammalian GT6 enzymes. GT6 enzymes build structures that are important for pathogenicity, cellular recognition, and immunity. During her graduate studies she received the provost fellowship award, the Delores Auzene Scholarship, and a National Science Foundation fellowship for education. During the NSF fellowship she collaborated with chemistry teachers from local high schools to teach the nature of science and research to students. She has also participated in other outreach programs and events to increase STEM learning in primary and secondary education.


PHD in Integrative Biology, Florida Atlantic University | MS in Biomedical Sciences, Florida Atlantic University | BS in Biology/Pre-Professional, Norfolk State University