Bill Souza

Adjunct Professor, Computer Science

School: School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Computer Science
Sub-department(s): Mathematics and Computer Science (UG)

joined: 2020


Dr. Bill Souza holds a Doctor of Science degree in Cybersecurity and boasts an impressive career spanning over 25 years. He has accumulated a wealth of experience within diverse organizations and consulting firms. For the past two decades, his focus has been exclusively on cybersecurity within energy-critical infrastructure, with substantial involvement in RTOs and Utilities.

Dr. Souza brings a wide-ranging expertise encompassing essential areas such as cyber risk management, advanced risk concepts, vulnerability management, cyber governance, cybersecurity frameworks, policy formulation, collaborative cross-industry research, and strategic countermeasures.

Dr. Souza is a seasoned academic and professional in the field of cybersecurity. His commitment to bolstering the security of energy-critical infrastructure makes him a valuable resource for those seeking pragmatic insights in this ever-evolving landscape. Dr. Souza is part of and professionally affiliated with:

GlobalCISO Leadership Foundation (GCLF) – Board Member.

North Carolina Independent College & Universities (NCICU) – Committee Member

North Dakota University Center for Cyber Security Research (C2SR) – Industry Advisory Board Member


ScD in Cybersecurity, Capitol Technology University | MS in Information Assurance, Capitol Technology University | BS in Business, Everest University