Bennett, Stephanie

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Campus: WPB
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Phone: (561) 803-2053
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The School of Communication and Media
Communication (UG)

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Full Name: Stephanie Bennett

Fellow for Student Engagement

B.A., Cedar Crest College; M.A., Monmouth University; Ph.D., Regent University.

An active researcher, Dr. Bennett is a frequent presenter at the National Communication Association convention, the International Jacques Ellul Society, the Media Ecology Association, and other conferences throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Much of her research focuses on digital culture, with specific attention to the intersection of interpersonal communication and the Judeo-Christian faith.  Her roots in the work of Jacques Ellul, Walter Ong, and Neil Postman stem from a life-long desire to work toward organizational simplicity, strong community ties, and authenticity and intimacy in family, friendship, and spousal relationships.  As an educator, she is committed to helping others navigate the challenges in relationship development as changes posed by an increasingly mechanized, and de-personalized digital culture continue to rise.  Prior to her professorship, Dr. Bennett worked as a feature writer, columnist, radio show host, and voice-over artist, as well as a communication and public relations consultant.  Her recent trilogy – Within the Walls – employs fiction to explore the future of digital media, relationship sustainability, and community. 

Married for three decades to Earl Bennett, she is the mother of three grown children and an ever-increasing number of grandchildren.