Alex Damarjian

Assistant Professor of Game Design

School: College of the Arts School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Visual and Media Arts
Sub-department(s): Visual and Media Arts | Mathematics and Computer Science (UG)

joined: 2022


Dr. Damarjian holds degrees in game development, animation, and education. His doctorate in humanities and technology is from the Illinois Institute of Technology. With a strong background in both the technical and creative aspects of the industry, Dr. Damarjian has developed a unique skill set that allows him to bring innovative ideas and techniques to his work. His experience in game development and animation has given him a deep understanding of the importance of engaging and entertaining content, while his education and research background has allowed him to explore the cultural and societal implications of technology. In his free time, Dr. Damarjian is passionate about continuing to learn and grow as a professional. He enjoys attending industry conferences and workshops, reading the latest research in his field, and engaging in creative projects that challenge him to think outside of the box. He is excited to bring his skills and passion to new challenges and opportunities, and he is eager to continue making a positive impact in the world of technology and the arts.


PHD in Technology and Humanities, Illinois Institute of Technology | MFA in Interactive Design/Game Development, Savannah College of Art and Design