Patrol & Escort Services

Campus Safety and Security Team 

We have one chief, one captain, three sergeants, 15 full-time campus safety patrol officers and part time supplementary campus safety patrol officers to our full time officers. 

Our safety officers patrol the PBA campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via marked vehicle, bicycle and on foot. 

All of our campus safety officers are in immediate contact with a dispatcher or patrol supervisor via two-way radio, and have the ability via radio-phone to contact emergency services. 

Each campus safety officer is certified by the State of Florida, Department of State, and receives rigorous in-service training. Campus safety officers respond to all incidents on campus and have been trained to handle all incidents in a prompt and efficient manner.  

Emergency Telephone Call Boxes Callbox

Twenty-one emergency telephone call boxes are located throughout campus, including main entrances to residence halls. These call boxes may be used for on-campus calls and emergency calls to 911. 

The red Emergency Assistance button will contact 9-911, West Palm Beach Police and is for extreme emergencies only.