Hurricane Preparedness

At Palm Beach Atlantic University, we ensure that students, faculty and staff are aware of the possibility of hurricanes and are prepared to take necessary steps should one threaten our community.

Preparing for the Storm

Plans in place to help prepare for the approach of a tropical storm or hurricane:

  • Notification of class cancellations or campus closings prior to the storm
  • Information updates during the storm
  • Reports on power outages or damage to campus facilities as a result of the storm
  • Information on reopening campus and the resumption of classes

University Communication

University information is communicated through several of PBA’s official sources:

Additional Communication

University Information is available through the following resources:

While the University’s main social media outlets can be a good source for general communication, nothing there should be considered “official” unless it is posted by the University.

For additional information, PBA students, parents, and the general public are welcome to call: (561) 803-2089

Hurricane Preparedness

Palm Beach Atlantic’s president might decide to close the campus for safety reasons if a storm threatens the campus. All resident students are required to file their personal hurricane plans with Residence Life staff, but it’s a good idea for everyone to have plan. Most students plan to return home, if they live within driving distance, or stay at the home of a roommate or suite mate.

Have a small supply of food and water on hand. Even if you leave your residence, you will want to bring personal supplies with you. A flashlight and spare batteries are good to have around, too.

PBA has an Alert Messaging System for current students, faculty and staff. Check your cell phone as the PBA Alert Messaging System utilizes cell numbers to send alerts via text messages in the event of an emergency.

Know Your Storm Terms

Intense storms with winds of less than 74 mph. They seldom pose a threat to residents, although residents should be prepared for power outages and other effects of high winds and strong rain.

Hurricane poses possible threat to specified coastal areas and is likely to strike within 24-36 hours.

If a hurricane watch is issued for Palm Beach County, the University will prepare to secure the campus from the approaching storm. This is the time for you to review your personal hurricane plans.

Hurricane is expected to strike within 24 hours or less. Hurricane damage and danger can come from a flood surge, which may be as high as 18 feet, as well as from high winds.

If a hurricane warning is issued for Palm Beach County, the University might cancel classes, evacuate residential students to safety or close campus offices.

After the Storm

Shortly after a storm passes, Crisis Management Team members and Campus Safety and Security will return to campus to assess each campus building for damages and habitability.

While campus clean-up and repairs will begin as soon as possible, students, staff and faculty (other than those designated as essential) should NOT return to campus until notified by University officials.

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