Steering Committee

The Steering Committee coordinates campus wide events such as, Welcome Week, Mr. Charming, coffee houses; the spring formal, and The Moodys.

The Steering Committee organizes, plans, and hosts Welcome Week, a weeklong orientation with 40 programs for new students. Members also coordinate much-loved campuswide events, such as Mr. Charming (PBA’s beauty pageant spoof); coffee houses; the spring formal, and The Moodys, a formal awards ceremony that honors individual students and various student groups.

The committee is composed of current or rising upperclassmen who are in good standing with the university, show leadership potential, have good Christian character, and demonstrate a genuine desire to shape PBA’s culture, Johnson said. They represent the University’s core values of accountability, excellence, integrity, love, respect, and unity.

Steering Committee Members

Amber Jean Boykin
Sophomore. Public Relations.
Buckeye, AZ. Video Producer.

Madelyn Egbert
Junior. Psychology. Bethel, CT.
Fish Leader Coordinator.

Caleb Fix
Senior. Public Relations. West Palm Beach, FL.
Social Activities Coordinator.

Becky Gallegos
Junior. Marketing. West Palm Beach, FL.
Fleet Coordinator.

Rachel Gallegos
Junior. Zoology. Lake Placid, FL.
Rally Coordinator.

Gray Haines
Senior. Political Science. Jupiter, FL.
Special Relations Coordinator.

Allie Haywood
Senior. Health and Human Performance.
Brooklyn, NY. Co-director.-

Caden Martenson
Senior, Intercultural Studies, Seattle, WA.
Film Producer & Social Activities Coordinator

Brandon Martin
Senior, Business, Milstone, NJ.

Kyle Paez
Senior, Exercise Science, Jolite, IL.
Fleet Coordinator.

Madison Potantus
Senior, Worship Leadership, Tampa, FL.
Rally Coordinator.