Student Leadership Opportunities

There are so many opportunities for you to get involved and take ownership of your PBA experience. Dive into a role as a student leader, where you’ll get a chance to hone your skills while you help shape culture on campus. Read more below to explore how you can serve in leadership at PBA.

The Active Minds team is a group of student leaders who have a vision and mission to bring awareness to mental health and wellbeing, through various programs and events throughout the academic year.

Career Peers are student leaders in the Career Development Office that help guide other students in their passions and purpose to their God-give calling. These student leaders assist with resume reviews, job/internship searches through Handshake, general office duties, career fairs, career treks, classroom workshops, handling appointments, and marketing. Our team of Career Peers get to interact with major employers first, and we have a wide range of opportunities for students on our team that include career-focused work, social media management, and graphic design.

Discipleship Leaders (DL) serve alongside the Executive Director of Chapel Ministries to oversee and lead Bible studies for residents and commuters. DLs will disciple fellow students,  equip Discipleship Assistants (DAs), and host events for the purpose of spiritual development and faith integration within the campus community.

As a First-Year Experience Coach, you’ll be at the heart of enhancing the academic and transitional experience for our first-year PBA students. As a FYC you will bring fun, warmth, and enthusiasm into each FYE class and experience. The role of a FYC is to collaborate with the FYE instructor to plan and organize classroom activities as well as events that will help the first-year students engage on campus. You will work with students inside and outside of class, explore topics such as study habits, time management, and motivate your students in engaging in a wide variety of ways. Your role will involve things such as communicating ways to increase academic performance, helping with degree planning, and assisting in a FYE section, all while helping your specified FYE students become a well acclimated member of the PBA community.

Fish Leaders are an essential part of Welcome Week. Fish Leaders guide a Fish Group of 25-30 new PBA students through the Welcome Week activities along with a co-leader, offering encouragement and support as new students adjust to life at PBA.

Fleet Leaders help make Welcome Week happen. Fleet Leaders offer behind-the-scenes support throughout Welcome Week, helping with individual event logistics, including setup, teardown, and more. They provide support to Steering Committee throughout the week as needed, and get to form a special bond with the Fleet team.

Global Project Coordinators (GPCs) serve on a team of student leaders that helps facilitate and advise PBA CM Global missions teams. They organize and run worship and awareness events, choose team leaders, choose trips, and lead trainings. GPCs also have a spiritual mentorship role on campus.

Mosaic Leaders play a pivotal role in developing and executing a diverse range of multicultural programs on campus. They collaborate with the Mosaic co-advisors, serving as a voice and advocate for the student community.

To assist the Area Coordinator and Resident Coordinator in fostering a Christian learning community within the residence hall environment that is congruent with the philosophy and mission of the Residence Life Office.

To assist the Area Coordinator in creating a Christian, living-learning community within the residence hall that fosters the holistic development of students by means of the RC’s leadership to their floor/residents, staff, and the greater Residence Life department.

Steering Committee is a group of upperclassmen student leaders who serve the PBA campus by hosting community-building events and programs for the entire PBA community, including traditions like Welcome Week, Mr. Charming, Campus Christmas Gala, Spring Formal, coffeehouses and more!

SGA exists to serve the student body and help connect them to all the resources that PBA has available to them. We seek to help improve community and communication across campus so students have a more seamless experience. Our team consists of 8 students who all have specific roles that work together across campus.

Student Body President

The President is responsible for managing the rest of the SGA team and be aware of their responsibilities and actions. In addition, they also plan the weekly team meetings and communicate information with the team. The president is also responsible to be in meetings with various faculty and staff to help improve the student experience at PBA.

Student Body Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for assisting the President in their duties, in addition to being in attendance in meetings with faculty and staff to enhance the PBA experience.

Executive Chair of Spiritual Life

This role is responsible for planning all SGA chapels and other spiritual life events, in addition to SGA team devotionals. They work to improve student spiritual concerns on campus.

Executive Chair of Student Life

This role is the point of contact for student concerns specifically with campus life, residence life and the dining hall. They work with the Executive Chair of Events to plan events that help improve the student life on campus.

Executive Chair of Events

This role is responsible for planning SGA events throughout the school year. Some of these events include Dog Day, First Day Jitters, and working with the Executive Chair of Student Life to plan the Student Social.

Executive Chair of Clubs and Organizations

This role oversees and manages all the clubs on campus. They handle club paperwork and renewals. They are also the point person for any questions or concerns that students have about clubs on campus.

Executive Chair of Marketing

This role is responsible for advertising events and information that SGA shares, in addition to helping Clubs promote information. They manage the SGA instagram and design all graphics promoted by SGA.

Executive Chair of Finance

This role oversees all finances for SGA including the budget and funding. They ensure that SGA’s finances are in order. In addition, they manage and oversee all Club finances.