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Chosen to Belong

At PBA, there are countless opportunities to let your choices lead you. In student government, they can lead you to an understanding of how to make changes that serve others. In student organizations and clubs, they lead you to true friends and real passions, which lead you to your calling. No matter what you choose to do at PBA, you’ll discover that you were meant to be here, and chosen to lead.

Students from the business administration BSBA program walk along the intercoastal in West Palm Beach.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Make the decisions and take the actions that strengthen your community by being a part of student government.

All Clubs & Organizations

Cultivate more knowledge about accounting and introduce students to the many careers and opportunities available in the field.

Bring PBA swimmers together for fitness and possible swim competitions.

Promotes improvisational talents and humorous entertainment; auditions required.

The Chi Nu Chapter was created in order to promote excellence, growth, and service to the Department of Theatre at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Providing a relevant marketing experience for the students of Palm Beach Atlantic.

The purpose of the PBA Apologetics Club is to train Christians to give an answer to everyone who asks for the reason for our hope in Christ (1 Pet. 3:15), to persuade outsiders with the evidence for Christianity (2 Cor. 5:11), and to present them with the good news of God’s grace (Acts 20:24).

Continued extracurricular study of art forms that aren’t addressed in class. To unite PBA students with art culture and service the community.

To provide social, academic, and career support to black and/or minority business students enrolled in the Marshall E. Rinker School of Business.

Uplift and educate minority students to be confident in their personal and global endeavors.

An international collegiate service organization that is a service leadership program of Kiwanis International.

Communication majors and minors to come together for conversations

With a relentless drive, we harness the power of cutting-edge technologies and models, sharing our knowledge boldly and dynamically. We don’t just empower our members — we challenge and transform them, ensuring that every student is equipped to lead in a rapidly evolving financial world. Together, with faith and innovation as our pillars, we are shaping the titans of tomorrow’s business landscape.

Our mission is to give modern students a deeper view of the historical human experience through the fears and desires expressed in gothic literature.

To engage and learn about the passions and intricacies of Hispanic culture to those willing to learn

The International Business Students Association’s mission is to: (a) provide students with a better understanding of international business practices; (b) promote international and cultural awareness; (c) promote interaction with international and exchange students; (d) inform students about the Marshall E. Rinker School of Business’ various international study abroad opportunities; and (d) provide social and professional development opportunities in the context of international business.

To provide PBA students with the opportunity to learn about investing and hear from local business leaders. Participants will learn the basics of investing and be able to learn from managing the simulated portfolio.

A women’s Christian service club.

Creating and providing Christian comedy for our PBA community.

To create a place where students can apply their knowledge about International Politics and History, gain practical experience in diplomatic activities, form as cosmopolitan citizens, and discover they can change the world.

The NHSDA recognizes students with outstanding artistic merit and academic achievement while advancing dancing as a field of education.

We honor God by supporting Catholic students on the PBA campus and by welcoming non-Catholic students who wish to participate in our events and explore the Catholic Church.

Under the guiding light of God’s love, the Pickleball Club is dedicated to nurturing a vibrant community where members come together, not just to play and master the sport, but to foster deep bonds of fellowship, mutual respect, and shared faith.

Students will write, read, and workshop creative pieces with other fellow students to create a fun and safe space encouraging creative minds. We will explore every genre of poetry, from slam and free verse to the fine form of iambic pentameter. Come to read and write or just to listen and have fun!

To promote unity among Pre-Health students, and to discover health-care-related opportunities. Consider joining the club if you plan on pursuing a career in the medical or healthcare field. A community of like-minded pre-health students will come together to hear from pertinent guest speakers, network with current medical students, and connect with research openings.

Unify students pursuing a career in law and provide information and aid in that pursuit.

The mission of the Palm Beach Atlantic University chapter of Psi Chi is to provide resources, education, partnership, and community for PBA’s high-achieving psychology and behavioral neuroscience students. Not only are we dedicated to providing excellent leadership and scholastic opportunities, we are committed to serving the community and, ultimately, to being faithful children of the Lord.

To initiate meaningful relationships and spur intellectual conversations and activities regarding psychology.

To provide an opportunity to meet people of all different running levels to run as a group and host fun events throughout the year.

To support the scientific curiosity of students in various ways.

Share a love for Jesus, surfing, skating, and the beach!

To help spread conservative ideas through campus, as well as promoting free speech, critical thinking, and American ideals.

Inviting college students to experience community, adventure, and significance.

Centers of Excellence

PBA’s Centers of Excellence give you the real-world experience you need to lead with faith anywhere across the globe.

Groups & Opportunities by School or Program

PBA’s graduates make an impact everywhere they go by following their calling. In diverse fields and disciplines, our students bring the wisdom of deep faith in Christ to solve problems and serve communities. No matter what God has chosen you for, you can pursue it at PBA.

Arts & Humanities

Explore your love of history and political science or present your work at conferences through clubs and honor societies.

Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Computer Science

Explore nature from the Everglades to the Galapagos and take part in the Teachers Teaching with Technology conference.

Rinker School of Business

Practice entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, and marketing through clubs and honor societies focusing on business.

School of Education & Behavioral Studies

Foster faith and excellence in education with Kappa Delta Epsilon, an honorary educational fraternity. (Invitation only.)

School of Nursing

Heal with faith, find internships and externships, and explore career opportunities through PBA’s nursing organizations and networks.

School of Pharmacy

Fraternities, organizations, and honor societies give you unparalleled opportunities to gain skills and leadership experience.

Other Opportunities on Campus

Try a new sport, develop your leadership skills, and work for change locally and globally. Every opportunity on campus is a chance to become the full person you are meant to be, to live for something bigger, and to strengthen your faith alongside others.

Intramural Sports

Get outside into the fresh air, get some exercise, and build friendships that change your life.

Intramural Sports

Leadership Development

Develop the skills you need to reach your fullest potential as a Christ-focused leader.

Leadership Development


Workship means “Work + Worship.” When you put faith into action, your impact is limitless.


Missions & Ministries

Foster human connection and make change rooted in Christ’s love, on PBA’s campus and around the world.

Student Missions

Upcoming Events on Campus

All Events

Graduate and Online Open House

June 1, 2024

9:15 am – 1:30 pm
Warren Library

Tutu School Bravo Bash

June 2, 2024

11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Helen K. Persson Recital Hall

Disney’s Finding Nemo KIDS

June 21, 2024

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Fern Street Theatre

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Have questions about SAIL or any of its programs? We’re located on the second floor of the Lassiter Student Center. You can email us, or give us a call at (561) 803-2585 or (561) 803-2661.