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The calling to lead is a powerful one. At PBA, we honor that calling by providing extensive opportunities for you to answer it and develop the kind of skills, abilities and instincts that will serve you throughout your life. And in the end, you’ll become the Christian leader who employers, and the world, need now more than ever.

Refresh Your Skills

The leadership skills you develop at PBA will form a foundation that will last throughout your life. So it’s essential to take every opportunity to continue understanding, assessing, developing and sharpening those skills throughout your PBA experience. That’s what the Refresh program, offered through Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership, is all about. The program encourages student leaders by offering relevant training and effective programming, and is available to PBA student leaders.

Realizing God-Given Potential

PBA’s Lead Scholarship empowers future Christian leaders by helping to overcome financial barriers they may be facing. The scholarship was created to help meet the needs of incoming students who aspire to be leaders, attend a pre-selected Christian leadership experience and take part in additional leadership training during the first year.

Be the Light

At PBA, leadership and service go hand-in-hand. Serve in our signature Workship program to bring positive change to our world.

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A Powerful Walk

If you’re ready to start your powerful walk as a Christian leader of tomorrow, take the first step by contacting our Vice President of Student Development at (561) 803-2552.

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