School Codes

In order for the Office of Admissions at Palm Beach Atlantic University to receive prospective students' official ACT/SAT scores, please use the provided codes below to electronically send them to PBA.

Students may obtain their electronic transcript from Parchment, Docufide, Naviance, E-scrip Safe or National Student Clearing House or send hard copy versions to:

Attn: Admissions 
Palm Beach Atlantic University
901 S. Flagler Dr.
P.O. Box 24708
West Palm Beach, Florida, 33401


Title IV/FAFSA code - 008849 
College Board (SAT) code - 5553
ACT code - 0739
PCAT code - 902
GRE code - 5553
GMAT code - 5553
CEEP or CEEB code - 5553
State of Florida School  code - 868
Classic Learning Test (CLT)* contact CLT

*CLT scores may be used for admission only. To qualify for academic scholarships, incoming freshman will need to submit  SAT/ACT scores for consideration.