Students walking on PBA campus


Houses of the Frederick M. Supper Honors Program

The honors program recognizes that the most memorable learning experiences often occur outside the classroom.  To promote these out of the class learning opportunities, the students of The Honors Program are sorted into houses that reflect the personalities and interests of their members.  These houses compete with one another and serve the needs of the entire honors community.  Students earn points by participating in the following types of house activities:
  •  Sports and physical well-being
  •  The arts
  • Leadership development
  • Spiritual formation
  •  Academic lectures and events
  • Professional activities
These houses are new to the honors program, and students who join us in the Fall of 2021 will be inaugural members who will participate in naming and establishing their traditions.  Each house will be named for a character or author from the honors reading list who embodies the personality and culture of its students.  Each house is led by a faculty sponsor and select upperclassmen.  Of course, students are not limited to the activities of their own house.  Members of any house may participate, for example, in wellness activities, the Socratic Club, travel study or the President’s Lyceum.  The four houses are:


Artemis House 

Embraces sports and outdoors.  Students who are athletic, love the outdoors and physical fitness belong to this house.  Activities like kayaking, hiking, team and individual sports, and fitness will be organized by house 1. 
This house is home to the honors program’s wellness initiative, which pursues holistic wellness through physical, spiritual, and mental health activities.  Students pursue their own goals and plans for maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual health and offer programming for others to do the same.  The goal is a balanced and healthy lifestyle that leads to thriving.  

Apollo House

Embraces the arts.  Students who are creative and artistic join this house.  House members will be interested in music, dance, film, theatre, and visual arts.  They organize activities centered on pop culture and fine arts like coffee houses, concert outings or movie watch parties.
This is home to the Socratic Club.  The Socratic Club is an academic and social club for students in the Honors Program. Based on the original Socratic Club led by C.S. Lewis at Oxford University, the PBA Socratic Club holds an ever-changing and often unpredictable array of events, from formal debates and informal discussions to low-key get-togethers and large-scale themed parties. The Socratic Club attempts to build a sense of community and solidarity among honors students.


Odysseus House

Embraces travel and culture.  Students who are interested in missions, intercultural experiences, and community service belong to this community.  Odysseus House sponsors honors travel/study programs, mission and community service and outreach initiatives.  Please follow this link for travel-study experiences in the honors program.      


Cicero House 

Embraces public policy and public life.  Students who are interested in business, politics, public relations, current events, and public affairs join this house.  They organize and promote political events, campus civility efforts, entrepreneurial opportunities, debates, and other public policy initiatives. 
Cicero House sponsors the President’s Lyceum, named for Aristotle’s school at Athens and patterned after the great speaker’s clubs of the Gilded Age.  Members of the Lyceum participate in dinner discussions with influential leaders who visit the University.  Over the years, the Lyceum has provided its members with the opportunity to interact with US senators, a Supreme Court justice, ambassadors, a governor, captains of industry, cabinet members of US Presidents, a head of state, and leaders in medicine and health care, among others.