PBA’s PA Medicine is unlike any other PA program in the country. Our unique program curriculum is purposefully designed to have the PA students complete their didactic curriculum with innovative hands-on experiences.


The innovative curriculum is intricately woven into a creative matrix of courses that prepares students to move beyond simple memorization of facts and figures to developing skills designed to prepare them as lifelong learners.

These skills produce a clinician who can adapt to new theories and technologies as they become available. Students in our program become clinicians who know how to develop questions, collect and critique information, and critically reason conclusions using evidence-based medicine principles. Clinicians who possess these skills are capable of providing excellent patient care.


Admissions Requirements

Complete the CASPA application

  • Must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and Prerequisite Science GPA of 3.0
  • Three letters of recommendation
    • One letter should be from a physician assistant
    • Other letters can be from another healthcare professional (physician, dentist, pharmacist, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, physical or occupational therapist, and/or from a mentor)
    • Please note recommendations submitted by relatives, friends, personal healthcare
      providers or personal friends of the family are not acceptable.
  • Official GRE Score
    • GRE scores must have been taken within the last 5 years
    • A combined score of 300 and an essay of 3.5 is considered competitive
  • 500 Hours of Direct Patient Care
    • Minimum of Direct Patient Care (DPC) must be completed by the start of the
    • Paid or volunteer accepted
    • Other allied health such as MA, CNA, EMT, and health professionals like BSN, CRT,
      MD, or CLT accepted
  • Prerequisite Course must have been completed within 7 years of application
    • Applications with no more than two outstanding prerequisite courses are reviewed
    • Outstanding prerequisites must be completed by the start of the program

Students must earn a grade of C (20) or better in each of the following classes/courses:

  • General Biology and Lab – 4 semester hours
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology I and Il-8 semester hours
  • General Chemistry (I & I1) including lab – 8 semester hours
  • Organic Chemistry including lab – 4 Semester hours
  • Microbiology including lab – 4 semester hours
  • Psychology – 3 semester hours

In addition, the following are not required but are recommended for a stronger application:

  • Biochemistry – 3 semester hours
  • Human Genetics – 3 semester hours
  • Medical Terminology – 1 semester hour
  • More direct patient care hours


  • Online application & application fee by June 1 of the year before a student plans to enter
    PA Medicine.
  • Send official transcripts from all coursework, GRE scores, and three (3) letters of
    recommendation directly to CASPA.
  • After all of the above has been received and verified, the PA Medicine Admissions
    committee will review applicants to determine who is eligible to receive an invitation for
    an interview.
  • After interviews are completed, candidates are notified regarding their admission into PA

Special Consideration

  • We give special consideration for military/mission work/ PBA graduates who meet the
    competitive requirements for the program.

ARC Standard A3.13 Admissions Practice
The program must define, publish, consistently apply and make readily available to prospective students, policies and procedures to include:  admission and enrollment practices that favor specified individuals or groups (if applicable), admission requirements regarding prior education or work experience, practices for awarding or granting advanced placement, any required academic standards for enrollment, and any required technical standards for enrollment.