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medical missionsA Force for Positive Change

The Gregory Center for Medical Missions is offered through the Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy, and offers students amazing opportunities to bring healing to those in need. The Center sponsors trips abroad and locally, during which members of the PBA community work tirelessly to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional health needs of underserved populations.

Christ-First Medical Missions

The Center’s medical missions are coordinated in partnership with fellow organizations in the Christ-first medical arena. Students and faculty provide pharmacy-centered care, training and service, and in the process, engage in an experience that broadens their perspective, deepens their faith and impacts them for life.

A Powerful Legacy

The Center’s mission trips have positively affected the lives of thousands of individuals in communities around the world. Destinations over the years have included:

  • Belize
  • Bolivia
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Taiwan
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Belle Glade, Florida
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Wasilla, Alaska

A Growing Presence

Since PBA’s first medical mission trip in 2003, the endeavor has grown significantly. What started as one trip per year now involves as many as five, with anywhere from 70 to 90 students participating each summer. Over the years, the program has met the needs of more than 17,300 people worldwide.

Hearts in Africa

The medical mission trip to Uganda was a life-changing experience for PBA students and faculty who shared their knowledge and faith.

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Caring for Belle Glade

PBA’s trip to Belle Glade, not far from West Palm Beach, was a powerful one for those who took part and are originally from the community.

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Creating Smiles in Costa Rica

The medical mission trip to Costa Rica allowed students to provide care and connect with local residents in heartfelt and special ways.

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Healing in Honduras

Students and faculty changed lives, provided essential patient care and shared their faith with underserved Honduran communities.

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Short Term Missions Training Videos

This series is designed to help you and your team be prepared, effective, and safe—whether you're leading a mission team for the first time, have never been on a mission trip, or would simply like to glean more pointers about serving and working with your team.

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Mission Stories

Medical missions have always been an integral component of the Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy (GSOP). The school sponsored its first medical mission trip to Ecuador in 2003 and the program has blossomed since, growing from one trip per year to as many as five with 70 to 90 students participating each summer.

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Proud Partnership

Palm Beach Atlantic University's Gregory Center for Medical Mission (GCMM) has a proud partnership with with Global Missions Health Conference (GMHC).   Read our partnership stories from the field here.