The LeMieux Center for Public Policy hosts One of America’s Most Prominent Public Intellectuals

Presidential historian, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and contributor to TIME and The New York Times Book Review, Jon Meacham is one of America’s most prominent public intellectuals.

A regular guest on Morning Joe, he is known as a skilled raconteur with a depth of knowledge about politics, religion and current affairs. He understands how issues and events impact our lives and why historical context matters. As the guest speaker at a LeMieux Center event on March 29th, 2018, Jon Meacham highlighted his knowledge of US Presidents in his presentation, “The Art of Leadership: Lessons from the American Presidency.” The evening was hosted by Senator LeMieux. When asked about Meacham’s favorite presidents, Lincoln, Reagan, and Bush Senior were highlighted. To close the event, Meacham spoke about the future political parties and the shift in their ideologies.