The LeMieux Center for Public Policy hosts Governor Bob Graham as Part of the Panel Discussion

Bob Graham, the two-term Florida governor and three-term US Senator who co-chaired Congress’ joint inquiry into the September 11th terrorist attacks, addressed recent developments related to the investigation.

He explained why he believes that 9/11 is not ready to be consigned to the history books. Graham spoke as part of a panel discussion with the LeMieux Center for Public Policy at Palm Beach Atlantic University on November 16th, 2016, with his presentation, “28 Pages and the Unanswered Questions of 9/11.” He expressed support for the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, the law that will allow the families of the more than 3,000 victims of the 2001 attacks to proceed with lawsuits against the government of Saudi Arabia. Graham said the government’s withholding of information about 9/11 for the past 15 years has contributed to a feeling of cynicism and skepticism in America that became apparent during the recent election. Joining Graham on the panel were First Amendment lawyer Tom Julin of the Gunster law firm and investigative journalist Dan Christensen of the Florida Bulldog. Christensen’s reporting and Julin’s legal work are credited with bringing about the declassification in July of 28 pages from the congressional joint inquiry report on the attacks. Graham urged the students to become engaged in public discourse. “Democracy was never meant to be a spectator sport,” he said.

bob grahm meeting