Politics B.A.

The B.A. program in Politics provides a distinctive liberal-arts approach to the study of politics. Students explore the historical, theoretical, and practical foundations of politics and the values and institutions that have informed the development of Western political order, including traditional Judeo-Christian morality, limited, constitutional government, and the Rule of Law. Politics majors gain understanding of major political and governmental concepts and institutions, including current and emerging challenges to the preservation of freedom and constitutional order. Students also learn about comparative, international, and world politics as part of the Politics core curriculum.  Classes are offered in four subfields—American Politics, World Politics, Political Theory, and Law and Constitution—preparing students for the pursuit of professional careers in politics, law, government, public policy, academia and other fields.

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“One of the things I learned from PBA was sticking to what I believe in. I cling strongly to what I believe in, and I’m able to speak my mind, from the town square to the floor of Parliament.” Theo Neilly ‘01

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Just a few of the opportunities available after graduation are:

  • Law school
  • Politician's assistant
  • Public affairs consultant

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At Palm Beach Atlantic University, you will have access to The LeMieux Center for Public Policy, an interdisciplinary center of excellence consistent with Palm Beach Atlantic University’s purpose and mission and supported by its location.

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