Miracles and Wonders

Two male posing next to college signage in the early days of Palm Beach Atlantic College

A chronicle of Palm Beach Atlantic University.
By Dr. E. Warren

About the Book

The story of Palm Beach Atlantic University is one of impossible dreams by human standards. Who would dare conceive of building a Christian college in South Florida during the socially turbulent 1960s, with no land, no buildings, no money, and no real support? Yet for the faithful servants given the vision by a sovereign God, the answer was: We’re going to do this because we believe it is well-pleasing to the Lord.

Today, of course, PBA is a thriving university with more than 50 majors in undergraduate and graduate disciplines, hosting some 3,700 students on two campuses (West Palm Beach and Orlando). Through all our miraculous growth, however, PBA has never wavered in its commitment to being a Christ-centered institution.

No one involved in those early years was more aware of and dependent upon God’s miraculous interventions than Dr. Donald Warren — the man who somewhat reluctantly agreed to serve as PBA’s first chairman of the board, chief friend-raiser, and namesake of the Warren Library.

In this revealing narrative, Dr. Donald E. Warren shares his firsthand accounts of PBA’s formative years, including many of the most momentous events and collaborations. It is an incredible story of faith and perseverance … of unlikely participants and improbable circumstances … and of God’s miracles and wonders on behalf of Palm Beach Atlantic.

Miracles and Wonders

Read the incredible story of the early days of Palm Beach Atlantic University as told by one of its founders!

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