Common Data Set

The Common Data Set Initiative is a collaborative effort between publishers and the educational community to improve the quality and accuracy of information provided to all involved in a student's transition into higher education, as well as to reduce the burden on colleges of compiling and reporting information. 

Common Data Set 2018-19

Common Data Set Archives 

Questions and definitions used by the U.S. Department of Education in its college surveys are a guide in the development of CDS items. Common Data Set items undergo broad review by secondary schools and two-and four-year colleges.

The Common Data Set provides information on the following topics:

  • General information about PBA
  • Enrollment and persistence
  • First-time, first-year (freshman) admission
  • Transfer admission
  • Academic offerings and policies
  • Student life
  • Annual expenses - tuition, fees, room and board
  • Financial aid
  • Instructional faculty and class size, student to faculty ratio
  • Undergraduate degrees conferred - by area of study