Enlightening Minds Research Review


Enlightening Minds: Research Review 2013

"Undergrads tackle cancer, field research " -Page 4-5

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Enlightneing Minds 2014

Enlightening Minds: Research Review 2014

"Rescue: Biologist came back to turtles after her own rehabilitation" -Page 3

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Enlightening Minds 2015

Enlightening Minds: Research Review 2015

"The Galápagos Islands: Nothing prepares you for what you find" -Page 10

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Enlightening minds 17

 Enlightening Minds: Research Review 2016

" Leading Edge: Studying the effects of sediment transfer at the beach" -Page 4

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Enlightening  Minds: Research Review 2017

 "Breaking through: An autistic 8-year-old speaks for the first time" -Page 5

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Enlightening Minds: Research Review 2018

"Researchers sees hope in opioid crisis" -page 4

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