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April 18, 2014

“I am a fairly new Christian, never been on a mission trip. It’s only my second time outside of the country, and I’ve never really done ‘real’ evangelism before. I’m excited to see what the Lord has planned for me and my team. We will have our eyes, ears and heart open to let the Lord’s will be done.”-- Rebecca Stripe, Spring Break '12 mission trip to Rio de Janeiro, freshman, Journalism major, Vienna, Va.


A Palm Beach Atlantic University student engages children during a mission trip to Zimbabwe, Africa.

Student Missions

Palm Beach Atlantic University students in front of the statue, Christ the Redeemer during a mission trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.Through Palm Beach Atlantic University’s student missions, you can be the hands and feet of Christ throughout the world in places such as:

  • Caribbean Islands
  • Bolivia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Southern Asia
  • Thailand
  • Spain
  • Sweden

You may choose from one-week-long spring trips to multi-week summer trips. Whether you choose to serve in an orphanage in Haiti, minister to HIV/AIDs patients in Uganda, or evangelize in Jamaica, you will expand your faith and feel God’s love flow through you.

Support Student Missions
Interested in learning more about student missions or making a contribution to help our missions teams? Contact our Director of Campus Ministries office at (561) 803-2540. 

Speaking of PBA...

PBA students share why they decided to participate in Spring Break '12 mission trips:

“I’m going ready to spread the Gospel to the people of Honduras.”

-- John Dykert, sophomore, Business major, Holland, Mich.



I went on a mission trip to India, and God revealed to me how desperate it is there. Going to Rio I can again see how Christ works overseas. We will encourage the missionaries, and I love mentoring girls.”

-- Aubrey Simmons, Rio Team Co-Leader, junior, Cross-Cultural Studies major,  Colorado Spring, Colo.




“I always wanted to go on a Spring Break mission trip, but I was on the PBA baseball team, and we had games during that time. On this trip, I’m expecting God to take control of the situation, doing what needs to be done.”

-- Graham White, Honduras Team Co-Leader, A PBA alum (Dec. '11), B.A. in Graphic Arts, Deland, Fla.



“I’m looking forward to seeing how God will use us to bless others, and being touched by His glory through actions and words."

-- Meagan Landis, Rio mission team, freshman, Marine Biology major, Lancaster, Pa.



“I went to Rio sophomore year. I’m going back hoping to see people I met last time, and help with running their church. I want to give them rest instead of being a burden.”

-- Ethan Palmquist, Rio Team Co-Leader, senior, Cross-Cultural Studies major, Chicago


“I was a missionary kid, but I haven’t been on a mission since I was 7-years-old. I really felt God was showing me going to Honduras is what I should do...The objective is to lead others in serving God and loving his people around the world.”
-- Abigail Gazan, Honduras Team Co-Leader, freshman, Cross-Cultural Studies major, Rockland County, N.Y.


“This is my first mission trip. I’m excited to go somewhere and serve the Lord and share with other people what God’s salvation brings.”

-- Sarah (Olivia) Anderson, Honduras mission team, freshman, English major, Romeo, Mich.



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