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Academic Support

Our academic support programs can help students succeed to their very best, whether it's earning a competitive GPA or passing a difficult course.

Palm Beach Atlantic University recognizes that first-time freshmen entering college and transfer students can enhance their learning experiences through various forms of academic support. Palm Beach Atlantic University provides a range of services that are geared to help clarify and reinforce what students learn in the classroom environment. So whether the student’s goal is to earn a competitive GPA or make it through a challenging course, these services are available to assist. Academic support tools available are: 

Peer Tutoring

Each semester, faculty-recommended students are hired as peer tutors to provide small group tutorial assistance to their colleagues. Through this service, difficult concepts are simplified in a manner and in an atmosphere conducive to learning. Peer tutoring covers many courses in each of the academic schools on campus. Tutoring is free to registered students, and no scheduled appointments are required. Students needing tutorial assistance are asked to visit the specific locations on the days and at times advertised. Students are encouraged to bring along their course syllabi and to participate during the sessions. Click here to obtain a copy of the current peer tutoring schedule. Peer tutoring is available in the subject areas of math, science, business, Hebrew, Greek, nursing, Spanish and more.

Academic Enrichment Workshops

The Academic Support and Disability Services Office conducts a series of academic enrichment workshops. During the third and eleventh weeks of the fall semester, varied topics of educational interests are offered, ranging from learning strategies to college etiquette to leading by example. These faculty-endorsed 50-minute sessions provide the conduit for exploring modes of learning while adopting critical thinking skills. Because a new topic is discussed at every sessions, students are strongly encouraged to attend at least one both before and after the midterm break.

Online Tutoring: SMARTHINKING

For the PBA registered student who may not readily have access to the on campus peer tutoring services, the university provides free, live, online, 24/7 SMARTHINKING tutorial support. Through this medium, tutors are available for math, science, Spanish, finance, accounting, and other subjects. If you are a registered PBA student, click here to begin your sign on procedure.

Academic Coaching

In taking a holistic approach to further improve students’ learning experiences, the Academic Support and Disability Office provides weekly academic coaching for students in need. At these free scheduled sessions, students will learn to identify and reduce the distractions they face. Additionally, they will develop the habit of setting realistic attainable goals and to employ meaningful techniques to satisfy their curriculum requirements. Through this collaborative endeavor, coaches and coachees actively participate in developing a program for success, based on the student’s needs and schedules. To participate in this program, interested students are asked to email 

Contact Us

To learn more, email or call us at (561) 803-2063. The Academic Support and Disability Services Office is located on the second floor of the Lassiter Student Center.